28 November 2007

And the winner is...

With a surprising last entry, the winner is officially John Meyer. Yes, my brother. Lame, but what can I say, he put in the extra effort beating out Harry Potter and Pirates of the Carribean designs. The winning layout will be adapted soon, and in the meantime John gets prime real estate for his win.

In other news, things are getting busy here and I think I am finally getting integrated because now I have a bar. I know the bartender, his wife who works in the kitchen, and their son raul who sometimes tries to speak English with me. I usually stop in for breakfast, but since this evening was a Champions League game, I watched Real Madrid lose in the bar...and in the meantime I won a free t-shirt that says "Piensa en verde." Yes, Heineken. Maybe that's what Real Madrid lost, because the sponsor wasn't Spanish.

In other activities, I took a fun walk around Laredo. Check it out in this video. Especially interesting to me was the fact that the dead are buried in above ground drawers. You can see it in the video. Craziness.

More later and a new contest soonish, so get ready!

20 November 2007

New Bike

Hello Virtual Travelers!

Yes, I have a new bike, wet pants, and a challenge for all the visitors: find me a new blog layout (and by layout I mean template). The official "Pimp Scott's Blog" contest begins now! Submit your entries as a comment on the blog or by sending me an e-mail: scottdavidmeyer@gmail.com. The contest is officially over at 11.59 (your time, whatever that may be) Tuesday night, November 27, 2007. The winner will be announced shortly afterwards. Good luck and enjoy the latest news from Laredo.

19 November 2007

Magosto and a Friday

Lack of internet delayed the post, but it (was) Friday.

14 November 2007

06 November 2007

I fought the law and I won

Today was the big one...the battle with the immigration office! And after two previous attempts, I am happy to say that today I won (after four hours). Yes, I am officially legal to work in Spain, which essentially means I can get paid! Everything went as well as possible today in Santander and I am excited to stop thinking about it and to start living a scheduled life.

To celebrate my triumphant day, I played frisbee and then ate a great dinner with my friends David (also my boss with less hair), Nacho (his younger brother with more hair), and Carmen (my roommate with the most hair). Carmen prepared all the food and the the three of us who came directly from frisbee, ate it. So good! You can see the presentation of the food from my cozy kitchen (and practice your spanish) in this video.

04 November 2007


And just like that...POOF! Silence. It's strange because I think it is the first time I have been alone since I came to Spain. My roommate is gone until tonight and my friends just left after a great weekend exploring Northern Spain. So now I'm listening to the Decemberists and enjoying a bit of breakfast while looking out over the beach and the couples (men/women; grandparents/grandkids; dogs/dog owners) enjoying the sand.

We visited a beautiful medieval city called Santillana del Mar where we enjoyed walking on cobblestone streets, a great meal in an outdoor terrace with a ridiculous waitress, and an afternoon walk through a park full of leaves falling as fall sets in. After Santillana we headed to Santander where I had frisbee practice and where we enjoyed a bit of "big city night-life" while waiting for the first bus home at 3.30am. Yesterday we took a short hour bus ride to the nearby city of Bilbao, which blew me away. It's more than just the stunning presence of the Guggenheim Museum, but the whole city is breathtaking. A great riverwalk, a fascinating mix of modern and historic, and all types of public transport all new and "futuristic" as Gero notes: tram, subway, buses, free bikes. Just a great feeling. After that excursion, a beer in the old town of Laredo seemed like a bit of a let down.

Now I have time to finally move in. All my boxes have arrived, my bookshelves are starting to fill up, and after a good wash of the house I think I'll feel a bit of ownership. Tomorrow I will (hopefully) get my Spanish ID number so I can get paid and then I can stop worrying about moving in and can start living. For now, a few more corn flakes before uploading the photos and video from this weekend's adventures!

01 November 2007

All Saints Visitors

Happy All Saints Day!

Yes, we did celebrate Halloween yesterday, but my computer and external hard drive are full right now, so the video update will come soon...in the meantime, I am already on to the next holiday, All Saints Day. It's a national holiday here in Spain , and I have enjoyed the holiday by hosting my first guests: Alba, Gero, and Pauline (with Roberto coming in 30 minutes). We enjoyed the sunny day by having a walk around Laredo after checking out the nightlife of Laredo last night. It's so great to break-in a new place with familiar faces and fun to show off my new home, even though everything I see is new to me too. So I'm in the strange position as a host and tourist at the same time. I think we'll be continuing the exploration outside of Laredo with a stop in Santander tomorrow and Bilbao on Saturday! Nothing like traveling with friends.