03 August 2008

I Feel Fine

According to my blog, the only thing that I've done the past two months is watch Eurovision. Although Eurovision was fun, I have been up to some other things as well. I made the move from North Spain to North Norway where I am working as a tourist guide and enjoying a summer living and being with friends in the Arctic. I'm also preparing to teach this fall in Tromsø, Norway again and have enjoyed music festivals, three different residences, often without internet, and have learned how to construct a tent, make chocolate cake, and appreciate the deep philosophy of "Sex and the City" (which I thought was called Sex in the City, which seems like a more appropriate title). So, all in all, I'm doing well, feeling fine.

But, I don't just want to talk about what I've been doing. I also want to share something exciting: a chance to see not only how I am feeling but how people all over the world are feeling. I just finished watching a lecture about an internet site called "We Feel Fine." It's part art, part data collection, and part web/exploration.. By searching all the popular blog sites for the phrase "I feel" the site collects quotes and photos from blogs and keeps data on what emotions people in different places are feeling at different times. For instance, I learned that 20-29 year olds in Norway feel 2.4 times more free than the average person. Maybe that's why I like it so much here!

So, here's to feeling and feelings.