23 January 2008


I am not big on New Year´s resolutions, but I did make a few goals. The first was to learn about currency trading. Haven´t touched that one yet, but if anyone has ideas on how to learn, where to practice (with fake money), let me know.

The others were to read more and to use listerine. These are going well. I recommend ´For Whom the Bells Tolls´and green.

In other thoughts, thanks for the comments. Good to hear from everyone.

Now, off to write down the words to ´Mister Sun´ after singing it with 2 year old kids for an hour. This month we´re studying fruit and firemen culminating in a REAL fireman coming to visit us on the 31st, which is our party for Carnaval which starts on Feb 1st. Can you believe it?!

So yeah, life´s pretty good.

11 January 2008

Miracles happen everyday...

and sometimes the same miracles happen every day. Like for instance, the man I pass every morning on my bike. He is also biking, the opposite way, but the amazing thing is that he is always carrying crutches, as in crutches that help people who can't walk (but apparently can still bike).

Other fun things happen everyday here in Cantabria, like for instance, the young student in my pre-school who dressed up with a bacardi beret and a cape, looking like some kind of Ché-inspired, alcoholic superhero.

And maybe the most random, would be last night. I was in a restaurant enjoying a drink with friends and went to the bathroom. As I was leaving the bathroom I almost ran in to someone. He said, "Hey Scott." And wouldn't you know it, it was Erik, the American who lives and blogs from Colindres, Spain. I'd never seen him before and only communicated through blog posting, so it was so random to finally meet him...in the corridor of the bathroom of a random restaurant in Laredo. He also wrote a great entry about the experience. I guess I do live in a pueblo.

So, it's exciting to come back. I was home for two weeks enjoying a great Christmas holiday. I went through a little internal debate while home about blogging. What do you do when you're home and everything feels normal, but still somehow "blog-worthy"? I usually video and write about things that I notice as an outsider...but when I'm home, in a way I'm an insider and most things are normal...but still a lot of my life back home would seem unusual to an outsider, and I feel like I now at least recognize what other people would recognize as odd, even though it's normal to me. Whether it is belting out hymns at a small country church with my Grandpa Johnson, driving for hours to see family and friends, eating out almost every day, running into acquaintances all over town, or enjoying a Christmas celebration with 15 cousins, it's home for me...even though I know it is quite foreign from the foreign life I'm now living. So, I don't know. Maybe I should have documented my home, but in some strange way I didn't want to label my home as foreign because it's still my home, and I like knowing what to expect and having it feel normal.

I guess now I can resume documenting since I'm in the confines of a "foreign" country. Game on.