18 March 2008

Touching Base

As my internal body clock again attempts to settle, my routine is again beginning here in Spain. I traveled back to the US for about two weeks to spend time with my family after my Grandpa passed away. It was a tough event; powerful enough to rise above the sadness and bring family and friends together, reminding us of our roots, heritage, caring network of support, and the fun we have together.

The return to Spain has been surprisingly easy as I headed to the beach and played ultimate frisbee in the rain and then enjoyed a reunion with my girlfriend Elisa and friends from Santander and Laredo. Monday I again headed to work where over 100 smiling faces were waiting for me. Infancy must be the most forgiving, welcoming, loving period of ones life. They welcomed me with hugs and kisses, and we started to learn the English words for, obviously, the family. Mom, Dad, sisters, brothers, Grandma, and Grandpa.

So, even though my life straddles the oceans, it's nice to have these moments of intersection and time with both of my bases and sources of inspiration and support.