23 October 2007

The fun has begun

Yes, the fun has begun. Unfortunately, grand plans of starting a video blog have been delayed by the fact that I sent all my cords in a box that is somewhere between Norway and Spain. Couple this with a lack of internet at the moment, and it will take a few days to get everything settled. Despite this small hiccup, updates both textual and visual will soon be posted here, so keep coming back for the latest tales from Spain.

For now, know that I have arrived, that I'm living next to the beach, and that I want you to come visit. I would also love to hear from you. So post a comment or contact me with my new contact info below.

Happy walking.

Mailing address:
C/ Crucero Baleares 4
2ยบ Izda.
39770 Laredo, Cantabria

Spanish: +34 671 406 746
US (forwards to my Spanish phone): (612) 235 6673

scottdavidmeyer at gmail.com


s said...

scott, whats up`?

s said...

mailer du meg ditt kontonr.

Becky in SoDak said...

Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your adventures as you walk in your Spanish shoes.
We miss you and may God bless you in this next chapter. All is well here. The leaves are dropping faster as is the temp. Enjoy the beach! We'll be celebrating Julia's Confirmation tomorrow with the family. Wish you were here!

Aunt Becky, Uncle Dan, Ian, Julia, Elliot, and Mason

maaike said...

Hey Scott,

Enjoy Spain! I'm happy to have found this blog.. keep us updated..


Anna said...

i'm curious about this call forwarding number? how does that work? and what does it cost me (and you) to dial you that way from the us?