29 October 2007

Shipping Sickness


Elliot said...

Nice intro, nicely edited too. Glad you made it OK!

I think your mom needs to sign up for a Wikipedia account and inform the world about the perils of shipping sickness (or "vomitus transitus" as the ancient Romans called it). There's got to be a rubber bracelet color that hasn't been taken yet.

Paul said...

Scott that was sweet, very Ze Frankesque i like the jump to wikipedia page that was sweet. Hope everything is going well Luther is good we register for classes later this week so that will be interesting. Hope your doing well and i'll be waiting for you to sing a how do you spank a giant baby song. -Paul

oscar said...

i love it scott. this is awesome. i've already watched all the videos and will continue to do so. paul's right, it screams ze and that is nice considering his time is done. is this all done on your mac? i'd love to learn some of your editing secrets. keep living the dream on the beach!