28 November 2007

And the winner is...

With a surprising last entry, the winner is officially John Meyer. Yes, my brother. Lame, but what can I say, he put in the extra effort beating out Harry Potter and Pirates of the Carribean designs. The winning layout will be adapted soon, and in the meantime John gets prime real estate for his win.

In other news, things are getting busy here and I think I am finally getting integrated because now I have a bar. I know the bartender, his wife who works in the kitchen, and their son raul who sometimes tries to speak English with me. I usually stop in for breakfast, but since this evening was a Champions League game, I watched Real Madrid lose in the bar...and in the meantime I won a free t-shirt that says "Piensa en verde." Yes, Heineken. Maybe that's what Real Madrid lost, because the sponsor wasn't Spanish.

In other activities, I took a fun walk around Laredo. Check it out in this video. Especially interesting to me was the fact that the dead are buried in above ground drawers. You can see it in the video. Craziness.

More later and a new contest soonish, so get ready!


Dad said...

Enjoyed the tour of Laredo, Spain. Where is the sun - I thought I was in Norway!?!? Also wrote on Johns blog. Just heard on the news that the Twins traded Garza to the Rays. Too cold to go for a walk here, maybe 3-5 inches of snow this weekend. Winter is here in SD. I forgot until I looked at your pictures that you have some mountains around there. Dad

MVB said...

nice picture tour scott. thanks for the prime real estate too! ironically, i did a blog about twins rumors and when i got back from x-mas at luther one of the rumors came true. i REALLY like the deal, but you'll have to hear my thoughts in the next post. glad i could win the contest... i'm assuming i won with the desperate housewives right????

ps. good song too, paul just showed me that band!

Elliot said...

Apples in Stereo, very nice.

Sorry for my lack of entry, but you know me... I can't do templates nowadays without an RFP, committee approval, and several conference calls. ;-)

Looking forward to seeing the new blog look!

Paul said...

i see how it is not a harry potter fan, thats cool its not like he killed the dark lord and saved the world or anything