10 December 2007


And what a surprising week it's been. The relative silence here on the blog is not due to lack of activity, but rather lack of connection as I have been hoping across the Atlantic. I made the first leg of my journey from the pueblo of Laredo, Spain to the pueblo of Decorah, Iowa to surprise my family by showing up at the Christmas at Luther concert where my brothers were singing. And it worked! Thanks to the help of my sister, brother-in-law, and good friend Paul, I was able to make it in time for the show and the festivities. It was a huge surprise that left my brother with a large vein running down his forehead while his jaw dropped in a mix of smiling and shock. We all had a great weekend surviving a blizzard by chatting, going out to eat, and beginning to catch-up in lieu of the Christmas break that will soon be here.

And thanks also to Paul, the surprise for my parents was caught on tape! Check out the travel experience and the "stealthily-ness" of my weekend in Decorah in this video.


MVB said...

that's awesome scott. i love you and paul on the stealth mission.

hope the trip to mexico was nice and warm, get ready for snow when you come back to the states in like 10 days. it'll be a whirlwind travel month.

thanks again so much for the great surprise. it will truly be a life long memory. it was such a great a weekend to have everyone together. can't wait for more fun during break.

take care and see you soon!

Anonymous said...

So cute Scott. It was so fun to see you- surprise is a great feeling! :)
Rachel Faust