28 February 2008


It´s a rainy, cold day today in Laredo. The first one we´ve had in about a month. The rain suits the mood today as my Grandpa Johnson has been sick and struggling in the hospital. Today they will be removing the tubes and machinery that have been intertwined with his body the past month. It´s been a difficult time for the whole family, and the distance amplifies these difficulties; so, I will be heading home to be with my family for a while. Unfortunately, traveling from pueblo to pueblo doesn´t go as fast as I would like, but I will be arriving Friday evening to join my family. Please send your thoughts and prayers towards South Dakota where we will be gathering to mourn, remember, and enjoy the support and love of one another. Hopefully the rain stops soon.


Erik R. said...

Sorry to hear about that. My grandfather died during one of my two-week visits to the States a few years ago. I was pretty lucky in that I got to see him alive one last time and attend his funeral all in the same trip that had been planned for months. Family emergencies are particularly hard when you're living abroad.

Elisa said...

It won't rain all the time
The sky won't fall forever
And though the night seems long
your tears won't fall forever

It can´t rain all the time
Jane Siberry

Panama said...

klem. og god reise!

Anonymous said...

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