22 February 2008

Sick Mac

I´m a big Mac fan and have had nothing but good luck for 3 years with my Powerbook G4. In the past weeks however it has developed a personality. When I move the screen or pick it up, it will randomly shut off, and similarly turn on randomly when I move it. So, I finally bit the bullet and visited my ´local´mac store, which is just a small computer store in Bibao, about an hour away. They were really helpful, and now my mac is having a little siesta for a few days in Pais Vasco (Basque Country). I have confidence that those Vascos will be able to restore my mac to it´s normal form...until then, internet connection will be a bit more sporadic...and maybe my life in Laredo a bit more quiet.


Erik R. said...

Wow! iMovie runs at all on a G4?? I'm amazed.

I've got an old G4 Powerbook that I'd loan you, but my wife uses it most evenings (when I won't let her use my main computer).

Elliot said...

My primary home computer is still an old iBook G4. I feel your pain.

My warranty just expired last month, so I'm waiting until the click of death and then it's a new MacBook for me!