24 May 2008

Chiki Chiki Has Arrived

The big day has arrived. The day Chiki Chiki will become world famous.

Yes, tonight is the once a year extravaganza known as Eurovision. I've written about Eurovision before, but basically it is American Idol meets the Olympics when every European country (plus Israel) showcases their best (or worst) pop act. It produces ridiculously awful men and women scantily clad dancing around while singing in bad Engrish as well as some groups that become quite famous like ABBA. In recent years, there has been a new phenomenon of acts making fun of Eurovision and actually winning like the monster rockers from Finland. This year, a comedian that is on Spain's equivalent of the Late Show decided to make up an awful reggatone song complete with a plastic guitar and a 4 step dance: 1. El Breikindance (the breakdance) 2. El crusaito (the cross) 3. el miquelyakson (Michael Jackson) 4. el Robocop.

And of course, this ridiculous song making fun of the whole process was chosen as Spain's best act. I love it. So tonight Chiki Chiki will show Europe the best (or worst) of Spanish pop (or comedy). There really is no distinction anymore. Just shows th epower of advertising to get us to buy anything they want to make cool. So enjoy Eurovision. I'm ready! And here's Chiki Chiki:


Anonymous said...

Who won? I like Chiki Chiki. . . love, mom

Netta said...

I still have that song from Greece in my head....grrrr