14 November 2007



Elliot said...

< intentionally unfunny puns >
That's a pretty crappy day. I'd be pissed if I were you.
< / >

Nice editing. Now you know you're going to have to tell us the troll story eventually.

john said...

so... the question i always wanted to ask ze. how long does it take to make a 3 minute clip with all the editing?

looks good and will only get better!

Paul said...

i'm just waiting for you to throw in a jokes for nerds or maybe a song or something nice work though sorry you had a bad day

Dad said...

Hi Scott, Should we buy you a Garmin GPS navigator for Christmas?? Sorry you had a wet and smelly day. We are enjoying the video clips. Do you use the same video guy that they talk to in The Office? Ride carefully on your bike. Love Dad

Erik R. said...

Or how about no electricity like on Dec 3rd? Isn't THAT fun!