19 November 2007

Magosto and a Friday

Lack of internet delayed the post, but it (was) Friday.


Paul said...

King of the Comments!!! Your song made my sunday night, just got done with christmas at luther practice two more days of class until thanksgiving break, i'm liking the digg section i read that article too very interesting i also read a critique of his theory which was interesting, Fabuloso Friday . . . and I don't have to work today! -#3

john said...

paul and i got your blog up to 3 diggs!!! woohooo! feels good to be back in brookings, done with my senior paper, got a job, and even ordered my graduation gift/payment for doing internet marketing for meyer orthodontics... (a new iMac). Don't have it yet, but can't wait to play with it. Paul and I love the new blog and reliving ze through you. it's getting really good already, but i can tell you hvae a lot of free time, haha. keep up the good blogging!

Mom said...

I keep listening to this song and it reminds me of your composition days from Central Elementary with Eric Holm! Maybe it is the old glasses too. . . makes me laugh!

Your great blogging starts out my early mornings with a smile!