20 November 2007

New Bike

Hello Virtual Travelers!

Yes, I have a new bike, wet pants, and a challenge for all the visitors: find me a new blog layout (and by layout I mean template). The official "Pimp Scott's Blog" contest begins now! Submit your entries as a comment on the blog or by sending me an e-mail: scottdavidmeyer@gmail.com. The contest is officially over at 11.59 (your time, whatever that may be) Tuesday night, November 27, 2007. The winner will be announced shortly afterwards. Good luck and enjoy the latest news from Laredo.


Paul said...

King of the Comments!!! For my entry into the pimp my blog, i give you this . . . http://blogger-templates.blogspot.com/search/label/XML
personally i am entering the pirates of the caribbean template but if you really like the harry potter one you could use that two good luck can't wait for fabuloso friday!

john said...

hey scott. thanks for the blog tips. i've had fun already trying to get more familiar with blogger. i actually had already but analytics on my site b/c we do that with jason at my work. but i found a countdown widget. (a good site is widgetbox.com, not sure if you've used it). I still need to work with links and check on the copyright agreement. problem is, i need to put it on my website, but also how do i cite stuff that i take? i need to give credit for the picture i took from google images. know how?

anyway, here is my very serious entry for the contest. you can download it from this website...


Quiana said...

Keep up the good work.