06 November 2007

I fought the law and I won

Today was the big one...the battle with the immigration office! And after two previous attempts, I am happy to say that today I won (after four hours). Yes, I am officially legal to work in Spain, which essentially means I can get paid! Everything went as well as possible today in Santander and I am excited to stop thinking about it and to start living a scheduled life.

To celebrate my triumphant day, I played frisbee and then ate a great dinner with my friends David (also my boss with less hair), Nacho (his younger brother with more hair), and Carmen (my roommate with the most hair). Carmen prepared all the food and the the three of us who came directly from frisbee, ate it. So good! You can see the presentation of the food from my cozy kitchen (and practice your spanish) in this video.


Mom said...

I think I will need more then one Spanish vocab word a day to understand the dinner conversation . . . what fun to hear the Spanish being spoken! Love the video clips. . .

mulia said...

hahaha..scot that's funny