16 December 2007

Christmas on the Beach

We're in the spirit at Crucero Baleares 4 today, busting out decorations and the Sufjan Stevens Christmas albums. It's been a bit strange decorating for Christmas while looking at the beach, but it's almost cold enough here to think about Christmas. You can see our lovely decorations set to the back drop of the beach! One of these things is not like the other...

Speaking of trees, we were weren't we...well, anyways, I visited Santoña which is a lovely little town directly across from my house. It at the bottom of the mountain I see out my window across the water. They have a great walkway in the middle of town with the trees you see all over Cantabria. The reason why I think they are so cool is that they actually grow towards one another. So you can see the tops of the trees have grown into one tree making almost a canopy above the walkway. Let's see a Christmas tree do that!


Erik R. said...

Isn't amazing how long it takes to get to Santoña considering how close it is to Laredo?

There's an awesome beach on the other side of Santoña called Playa Berria that's worth checking out.

By the way, that mountain is called Mount Buciero.

MVB said...

those are cool trees

mulia said...

woow its soo coool
i wana visit that too.
are u in the state now babe?