14 December 2007

Listen, you can hear Christmas

Christmas time is here in Laredo, and in case you were forgetting it, the city of Laredo has not only installed an impressive number of street Christmas lights, but also speakers on each corner of the main park as well as on random streets through the city. These speakers blast choral Christmas music...but it's not a recording of a famous choral group...instead it sounds more like someone recording hymnal singing at a church service on their mobile phone. The sound balance is always ridiculously awful with really loud organ noises or one voice louder than everything else. But these noises remind us of the coming holiday and of sitting in the pew as a kid covering one ear and then the other in order to hear the changing noises made by the Lutheran hymnal singing.

In other news...inquisitive minds want to know, and here it is! My bar. Well, actually a café. Cafeteria Berna. It's actually not in the old town, but right next to the casa de cultural (cultural house) in Laredo (the closest one because there are two bars right next to each other). Check it out. Included are directions both from space and within Laredo at the bottom of the post. Zoom in on the pointer marked A.

Off this afternoon to the nearby village of Santoña for the first time and this evening contemplating a trip to Santander for ultimate and meeting up with friends. We'll see where the strong wind off the Cantabric sea takes me.

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Emily said...

Ha - yeah, my blog is a little silly, but it keeps me organized and motivated. Not nearly as cool as your blog. :) I'm going to be in Brookings from the 22nd through the 1st, so we'll definitely have to catch up!