19 February 2008

Bumps on the Neck

I made it home! After a crazy 24 hour trip with stops in Oslo, Frankfurt, Barcelona, and a last minute overnight stay with my gracious hosts Jon and Raquel, I arrived this morning to Laredo in time to shower and ride my bike to CP Los Puentes. I was greeted by the latest news at the preschool: meningitis is on the loose! I guess the rat fumigation didn’t kill EVERYTHING. Apparently, one of our students was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and now everyone is freaking out looking for bumps on their neck and a temperature of 38º C, which must be bad. I guess when looking for fever, the usual C to F estimation isn’t the best method. So maybe an unexpected visit to the pharmacy to pick up some preventative medicine, even though i think my luther vaccine should protect me!

Now, I’m enjoying the fruits of my journey...smoked salmon direct from teh docks of Tromsø. Maybe the only product that is cheaper and better in Tromsø than in Spain! That and the crazy, random, great people that I love encountering in the Paris of the North. Skål Tromsø. You’re still my fav.