15 February 2008

Tromsø igjen

I'm back in Tromsø! It's great. I'm laying on the couch in my old house, seeing the mountain in the horizon and the snow blowing outside the window, and somehow I'm warmer inside this cozy house than I am at my house in Spain, despite -7 C temps here in Tromsø! I gave a lecture this morning at the university and this evening will have a chance to listen to the Peace Man himself, Johan Galtung. Always action in the Paris of the North I guess. The day has been full of random encounters and it feels good to be back, but of course being back makes me miss things at my other homes in Spain and the US. I don't know, maybe that's why I'm always moving around...because I like to miss things and have fond memories of different periods of my life. For the moment, I'm contnet to be here, but I know it will be nice to return to Spain and enjoy a few more months tackling Spanish, toddlers, and 20 degree weather. Not always the most difficult task.

but for now, here's to Tromsø. such a great place with great people. Skål!


Anonymous said...

It was great hearing you had arrived in Tromsø and were enjoying your time there. To return home to familiar surroundings and wonderful memories is indeed a good feeling. Knowing you, you can be happy anywhere!

Love and Hugs,

mulia said...

i was about to say something, but then i read your mom's comment..-:)
so lovely..

now i miss my mom..:(