22 May 2008

The bod

I ran further and longer yesterday than I ever have before: 20km in 1 hour and 40 min. That means that I am getting close to being ready for the half marathon (26km) in one month in Tromsø! Here’s how the run went:

The first 10km went fine. Then i stopped for a moment to stretch my legs adn my right arm fell asleep for a bit. About 14km I stopped for a drink and my left knee started to hurt. About 17km another drink and both knees plus my arms acted up, then I finished strong and checked my finish time on the pharmacy clock. I immediately felt pain in both hips and knees and took a nice long stretch before going home to ice. The next day my calf were extremely tight but otherwise great!

In other news, just finished watching perhaps the best football (soccer) match I have ever seen. Manchester vs. Chelsea in the Champions League finals. Awesome game tied 1-1 after regular and extra time ultimately ending 7-6 on penalties after Christiano Ronaldo and John Terry both missed their shots, with John Terry missing while slipping on his shot.

And, you know you’re a nerd when you leave the house at 12.30am to go sit on the street by the closed candy store to steal free wireless!

So that’s life tonight plus, I went to the zoo today as you can see in the next post...

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