06 May 2008

Mac is back and so is the blog

After a few weeks of illness, the Mac is back, although still a bit bruised. I finally had a chance to pick it up yesterday in Bilbao where I was told they couldn´t do anything despite the fact that the screws had not been moved. Grrr...

But the past weeks have been a blur of activity, as I enjoyed 10 days with my parents visiting the Basque country (great pinxos), Cantabria (great tapas), and Asturias (great meals). It was truly a gastronomical tour, with San Sebastian being the highlight. It was great to introduce my parents to my friends, my life, and ok, my food too. We survived the bomb scare in San Sebastian, the long walk around the prison in SantoƱa, teaching two year olds in my preschool, the curvy drive through Covadonga and the lagos, and the hikes in the mountains in the Picos de Europa. I think my parents left exhausted and stuffed, but I know I enjoyed our excursions! (pictures to come soon).

After my parents left, I got geared up for a trip to Madrid where I was supposed to take an exam, the GMAT. Unfortunately, when I arrived, I was informed that despite the information I read on the website, my Spanish identification and US driver´s liscense was not sufficient to take the exam. After a long argument with an unfriendly secretary, I left without taking the exam and without a refund. ouch. Fortunately, I was able to overcome this set back with a great weekend spent with the Fernandez in Cercedilla! Elisa and I took the train one hour from madrid and enjoyed 4 days of sun, food, conversation, music, bad idol songs (seriously, watch this link to understand the extent of the badness), movies, and comfortable family time (minus the parents). I was able to see Manuel, Teresa, Patrick, Pablo, and Sol and it felt great to be able to communicate a bit better in Spanish this time around.

Finally, I made it back to Laredo in time to see a U2 cover band/imitation band in the plaza of Laredo. It was ridiculous. An Italian group that dressed, looked, and sang exactly like U2...and of course all U2 songs. However, as soon as the songs were over, "Bono", AKA Xanu, would start speaking in Italian..."molto grazi...bella...spaghetti..." Ok, well, not exactly like that, but you get the idea. Another random adventure hearing Italians imitating and Irish band for Spanish people. I don´t know if border do exist any more. I mean, I´m hear, right?

And in the end, life is speeding up to the end of May, when I decided to return to Tromso! I´m really pumped to return to the beautiful city to see friends, enjoy 24 hours of sunlight, and guide old people around again. I also was offered a short term contract teaching at the University so I´ll be able to enjoy Tromso until the middle of October.

So, that´s what happened without the mac. How did I survive without it?! Now, time to make the hard decision...should we study pirates or animals today?

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